the ballerine: a brand new IUD that won’t stab you in the womb, apparently

If you have a uterus but very much don’t want to get pregnant, chances are that you’re on some form of contraception to ward away the offspring. There’s a delightful pick-n-mix of different types of contraception to choose from. Most contraception is hormonal, and therefore bring with them all sorts of unwanted and unpleasant sideContinue reading “the ballerine: a brand new IUD that won’t stab you in the womb, apparently”

the 8 stages of getting a tattoo

Tattoos are seen by some as quite cool, and by some of my friends as something their mother would genuinely kick them out the house for. Last November, in the midst of a mid-degree crisis, I decided to bite the bullet (needle?) and get my first tattoo. I went down a fairly basic millennial routeContinue reading “the 8 stages of getting a tattoo”

“so, what are you doing after graduation?”

“So, what are you doing after you graduate?” – the question that brings a tear to the eye and vomit to the mouth of every finalist. I don’t know about you, but every single relative I speak to seems incredibly keen to ask me this at least 3 times per social occasion, pushing me intoContinue reading ““so, what are you doing after graduation?””

i’m a guilty vegetarian – but that’s okay

We are well into the new year, and with that has come an influx of cries of “new year, new me!”. The trends that people attempt are generally things they know deep down that they should be doing year round, but generally only manage for 24 of the 30 days of the first month. ThisContinue reading “i’m a guilty vegetarian – but that’s okay”

nine countries and a car named Claude

This summer, me and 5 of my friends went on the most stereotypically coming-of-age holiday possible. Comprised of 3 film students, a ballet dancer and two biologists, we had the makings of a semi-functional group of 3 couples that could just about bear to live in each other’s pockets for two weeks straight. Our greatestContinue reading “nine countries and a car named Claude”

advice for Oxford students – from a sad grad

The second term of university is undoubtedly the worst term of the year. The excitement of Halloween and Christmas in first term has gone, and there’s still five months to go until the sun will finally rise once again for the summer. For many, this term can be a period where it’s easy to feelContinue reading “advice for Oxford students – from a sad grad”